The Love Bug – Chapter 1

The Love Bug was discovered by a young couple beginning their journey together. Before the Love Bug, they knew only hatred, jealousy, greed, revenge,fussing, and fighting. In their hearts was a spirit of I-can’t-do it. After each met the Love Bug, they no longer felt hatred, jealousy, greed, revenge, and I-can’t-do it in their hearts.

The feeling inside was like nothing either of them had experienced before.

At first, they did not say anything to each other about it. But as they looked at each other, their eyes would twinkle for a moment or two, before looking away. Neither one wanted to be seen looking at the other.

Finally, after a while, the young man, whose name was Jack, said, “Do you feel something funny inside your body every time you look into my eyes?” The young lady, whose name was Diane, said, “I sure do. It’s like no other feeling I’ve ever felt before.”

Jack admitted, “I feel funny inside as well. There’s something I’ve been wanting to show you.”

Diane was curious. “Sure, what do you want to show me? I like surprises!”

Jack unzipped his jacket.

“What is that bite on the lower right-hand side of your neck?” she asked.

Jack replied, “I’m not sure. I first noticed the bite about seven days ago. Ever since then, I have been just full of so much love for everyone and everything. And, when I look into your eyes, this love inside me becomes very strong and I need to look away. I no longer want to fuss and fight. Although I still can see the fussing on my left and fighting on my right, I no longer want those feelings inside me after being bitten.”

“Go on!” Diane blushed, with a very big smile on her face. Intrigued, she continued, “You’re telling me you haven’t felt hatred, jealousy, greed, revenge, and I-can’t-do it in your heart now for seven days? I want the Love Bug to come and bite me. No wonder when I got mad at you and started fussing and fighting, you just walked out of the room. When you returned, I thought you were going to start fussing and fighting back, but you didn’t.” Diane glanced at Jack, and then quickly lowered her eyes. “Your loving makes me feel all jelly inside. I can’t even remember what we are fussing and fighting about.”

“Yup, that is the Love Bug bite. It pinches me every time we start to disagree. Thoughts of love start swirling around in my head. I love you, I love the trees, I love the flowers, I love everyone and everything all the same, as if we are all one. I love the houses we both live in. I mean, I absolutely love everyone and everything. I just see us all as one big family.”

Diane became excited. “Come on, man! I want, I need one of the Love Bugs to bite me so that I no longer feel hatred, jealousy, greed, and revenge. I want to feel love for everything and everyone. Where can I get one of the Love Bugs to bite me?”

Jack hesitated, “I am not sure where I got bitten by the Love Bug. But I have only been a few places in the past seven days, and it shouldn’t be hard to figure out where I got bit. Let’s see, I jogged on the beach one morning, and you and I walked on the riverbank one evening. The rest of the time I was at the house cooking or writing.”

Diane was happy. “It sounds like we are going to be spending lots of time together.”

“Yes, that is just fine with me, I love being around you. We can start looking early in the morning on the beach under the long pier.” “Okay, see you in the morning.”

Jack, startled, exclaimed, “What? It’s only seven o’clock. You go to bed awfully early.”

Diane teased, “I always go to bed early so that I can get my beauty rest. Tomorrow, when the Love Bug bites me, I want to be ready and well-rested.”

Jack teased back. “Okay, whatever you say, girl. You are so funny.”

Diane suddenly asked, “Hey, what does a Love Bug look like?” I’m not really sure. I haven’t seen one yet.”