The Love Bug – About the book

One Love Bug Can Change the World

Sometimes, it seems as if the world is filled with crime, violence, financial burdens, jealousy, disappointment, and interpersonal problems of every description. At those times, according to Benjamin F. Bleacher III, the world is just waiting for the metaphorical love bug to bite.

In his novel, The Love Bug, Bleacher creates a utopian world where everybody gets along with everybody else, and everybody has everyone else’s welfare in mind. Every moment is an extraordinary opportunity to do a good deed for someone else, and everyone is joyous all of the time.

Here’s how it begins. Ordinarily, Jack might have been unhappy about the bug bite he’d received on his neck. But this wasn’t an ordinary insect bite. It was the bite of a Love Bug, and that made all the difference. This bug bite came with benefits. As Jack explains to his girlfriend, Diane, “I first noticed the bite about seven days ago. Ever since then, I have been just full of so much love for everyone and everything.” Jack hasn’t felt hatred, jealousy, greed, a need for revenge, or poor self esteem since the love bug bit him, either. He loves everything in nature, and he sees everybody in the world as a member of his extended family.

Diane’s reaction? In a leap of faith, and as a reaction to the difficulties of everyday life, she wants the bug to bite her, too! “Yes,” Jack agrees. “I think everyone needs to find the Love Bug and get filled with love, joy, hope, faith, peace, and I-can-do it.” So the couple walks to the long pier by the ocean in search of the Love Bug, and after days of effort, Diane finally gets her own bug bite, and the venom fills her with love, too.

Jack then tells Diane about a way to experience the bliss of the Love Bug bite without finding a Love Bug. He makes a meal, and he prays over the food during the preparation. The dish gets filled up with lots of love, and so does the person who eats it – for the next twenty-four hours. “After the twenty four hours are up, they will go back to their old hateful selves, unless we can find them the Love Bug before the twenty-four hours have expired,” Jack explains. Making a lots-of-love meal is a way Jack can share the joys of the Love Bug venom with others. Diane remarks, “We can start sharing this secret with family and friends, and change their lives, and then tell others. The Love Bug will change the lives of trillions of people all across this universe!”

That sharing begins with Jack and Diane’s visiting friends, J.J. and Jane, and soon extends to Chris, Steven, a little boy named Forrest, and others who soon experience the joy of the Love Bug’s bite themselves. Forrest, in fact, finds and captures a love bite, so the group can share the venom whenever you’d like, and with as many people as they can gather.

Jack becomes the leader of the Love Bug crew whose mission is to provide bug bites to everyone who wants to participate at the beach community – and then beyond, as they travel from city to city. The crew members receive free, healthful food and lodging everywhere they go from people who care about the positive changes they’re making in the world and want to help them in their journey. “We’re a team ready to help everyone looking for a new way of life,” Jack declares.

Author Benjamin F. Bleacher III believes that, once readers discover the benefit of the Love Bug he has created in his fictional world, the idea will take hold in the real world. “We all struggle with unwanted feelings and unproductive challenges every moment of the day. Wouldn’t it be great if the cure were as simple as a love bug, which is just another way of saying a dose of goodness that inspires you to care about others, and to change the world, one step at a time? Although The Love Bug is a work of fiction, I’d like to see people take it seriously … beginning today. Let us inspire trillions of people all over the universe together.”

The Love Bug
By Benjamin F. Bleacher III
ISBN: 978-0-9890339-0-9