About Ben Bleacher

AUTHOR21Benjamin F. Bleacher III was a speed skater who trained most of his life and helped to inspire other skaters to achieve their goals and dreams. He stepped away from the sport in 2007. In between, he worked at John Deere Home-lite. He always strived to help skaters and others achieve their goals and dreams. While hospitalized, and discovering his “love bug” venom, Ben began a Spiritual Journey that continues into the present.

He grew up in the streets of Lancaster, PA and, in 1986. he became a single father. “I’m not sure whether I raised my son, or my son raised me,” Ben jokes. His Spiritual partner is also his wife to whom he has been married for 13 years. “We are here to help and to inspire as many people as we can,” Ben believes. “After all, we are all ONE!”